Top 50 Romance Blogs, part 3

It’s past midnight – that makes it the next day right? I just couldn’t wait to share these amazing blogs!

Get your pointer fingers ready to click on some great sites. I fully expect you to spend a few hours getting sucked into their blog posts. Don’t forget to bookmark!

Without further ado here’s the next ten blogs in our countdown of the Top 50 Romance Blogs:


  1. Much Cheaper Than Therapy– No, they’re no psychologists, they’re a group of authors blogging for our enjoyment.
  2. Night Owl Romance– Book reviews, excerpts, chats, and more. Be sure to check out the main site also!
  3. Racy Romance Reviews– Reviews, reflections, and commentaries on the genre. Jessica tends to write with a slant toward feminist ethical criticism.
  4. Ramblings on RomanceKatiebabs Kristie is like me addicted to reading, reviewing and writing. lol 😀
  5. Reading Adventures– Marg enjoys lots of genres but mainly Historical Fiction, Romance, Cozy Mysteries and Young Adult fiction
  6. Reading Romance Books- Written by lovers of the romance genre who like to read and give their opinions.
  7. Rip My Bodice– Reclaiming the term bodice ripper one book review at a time!
  8. Risky Regencies– The original, riskiest, and forever friskiest Regency Romance Blog.
  9. Romance Author Buzz– A romance reader’s musings about books and authors.
  10. Romance Bandits– Stories that will steal your heart. Viewpoints from a number of 2006 Golden Heart finalists on life, love, romance, the writing industry and various forms of chocolate.

I’ve been getting some good recommendations from readers – keep them coming! I’m going to build another list out of your favorites that didn’t make the original Top 50 list!

Top 50 Continued:

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  1. Aw – shucks – thank you. I’m honoured. Though – ah – how to put this – it’s actually my blog which I started just over 4 years ago *g*. I asked Katie if she wanted to be my partner over a year ago but now she has her own blog ( and blogs mostly there these days.

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