Top Ten Heroes: Carla F.

Today’s Top Ten List comes from LRP reader and guest reviewer, Carla F.

Carla F. believes the best place to read romances is stretched out on the love seat in her living room with a throw blanket over her lap. She likes books in the Regency, Medieval, Contemporary, Western and Paranormal genres.

My list of top 10 romance heroes for now (tomorrow could be different) in no particular order except for the first one is:

  1. Quentin “Leo” Marsden – Not Quite a Husband
  2. Randolph “Bentley” Rutledge – The Devil You Know
  3. Reed Tyler – Courting Miss Hattie
  4. Elec Monroe – Flat-Out Sexy
  5. Gabriel Cynster – A Secret Love
  6. Noah Reeves – Naughty Little Secret
  7. Sinclair Lilles, Duke of Rochford – The Courtship Dance
  8. Quinn Jennings – Start Me Up
  9. Lord Bramwell Johns – Always a Scoundrel
  10. Jasper Renshaw, Viscount Vale – To Seduce a Sinner

This list started out with 25 heroes.  Once I culled it down to 10 (it wasn’t easy), I wondered what these men had in common. Then I realized that all but Bramwell Johns had known the heroine for a long time. Jasper Renshaw and Elec Monroe were mere acquaintances of their future loves, but the rest counted the heroine as a friend. A few loved from afar for years.

Of course, romance is about the hero/heroine finding their one true love and living the HEA. However, the length of time that these men knew and loved their women really heads toward the idea of a soulmate! I didn’t realize that I was so drawn to this idea, but now I know why that the only paranormals that I really enjoy are ones about werewolves because of the strong emphasis on one mate. (Although it doesn’t hurt that they are Alpha males.) Unfortunately, no werewolves made the top 10, but Devlyn in Heart of the Wolf was in the top 25.

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3 thoughts on “Top Ten Heroes: Carla F.”

  1. Well if you insist.-) I can’t find my list of all 25, but here here are 12 more.

    Devlyn – Heart of the Wolf
    Dameron “Dam” St. John – The Best Revenge
    Jim Kinney – A Hearing Heart
    Jonathan Kechter – Strawberries for Dessert
    Talorc – Moon Craving (ah there was a second werewolf)
    Raimond Decoudreau – The Panther’s Lair
    Gerard Faulkner, Marquess of Grayson – The Stranger I Married
    Tristan – A Hint of Wicked
    Brett Haversham – Retreat from Love
    Frederick Thorne, Duke of Ashland – Retreat from Love
    Joshua Redstone – Redstone Ever After
    Julian Bellamy – Three Nights with a Scoundrel

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