Top Ten Reasons Why I Love a Good Military Romance

officer says i doGuest blog by Jeanette Murray, author of The Officer Says “I Do”

My first paperback, The Officer Says “I Do” released on July 3rd. And I couldn’t be more excited. One of the comments I get most though is people mentioning the hottie on the front cover…and asking if I know him! (I do not.) Then the next question is about why I chose to write military romance. Part of me says…because I live it! But not everything about the military lifestyle is glamorous. So there’s gotta be a better reason…

How about ten of them?

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love A Good Military Romance…

10. The level of honor in being willing to lay their lives on the line for the core values of a nation is massively hot.

9. The sound of dog tags clinking together when the shirts come off is definitely spine-tingling.

8. The sound of 100 pairs of boots hitting the pavement in complete unison during parade formation makes me shiver.

7. There’s a physical fitness requirement…which leads to hunkiness.

6. I like a clean-cut man. High-and-tight-oorah.

5. As a tall gal (5’10”) and strong myself, I politically incorrectly want a man stronger than me…since I think that’s delicious.

4. The idea that a man can run a 10K with a 70 pound pack, scale walls, shoot a gun, kick some ass with martial arts and then come home and snuggle with me in bed…that’s sexy.

3. Camo face paint is even sexier in person.

2. Battle buddies. The friendships forged through training and

1. The few. The proud. How can you not love a guy like that?

So to review: Hot. Sexy. Spine-tingling. Shiver-producing. Hunky. Oorah. Delicious. Niiiiice.

Can’t pass it up. Every time, I’m sucked in. So naturally, I had to write about it! How about a short excerpt to prove my point? Let’s see just how irresistible this Marine is to our heroine from The Officer Says “I Do”, Skye!

Excerpt: “Sorry, I know you’re his wife and all, but you seem like you can’t breathe, so I’m gonna take first dibs.”

“First dibs on—” Skye started to ask, but Madison was already gone. Out the door, down the sidewalk, and launching herself at Tim. He stumbled back once and caught her, spinning in a circle while her legs dangled.

Well, no time like the present. Skye took one more look at her outfit—one of the most sensible things she owned that wasn’t a work uniform—and headed out the door. But she stopped on the sidewalk, feeling like an intruder in a private family moment.

You’re a part of that family now too.

But she wasn’t. Not really. Not yet.


She took one deep breath, prayed her knees would hold her up, and walked up behind Madison, who was still clinging to her brother with a desperation that spoke of her love for him.

His hat had flown off at the sisterly attack, and she could see his face clearly now. And then her lungs compressed again, like a vise in her chest. This was the man she had married. And every single reason for why she had agreed flooded her again. Still handsome, still serious. But at the same time, happy. Happy to see his sister again. Then his eyes blinked open, and she saw a flash of something in them when he noticed her.

The urge to pace the cement walkway was strong, so instead she locked her knees and waited for the moment with Madison to pass. Finally, Madison peeled herself off of Tim and stepped back, wiping tears from her eyes. She gave a sheepish look to Skye.

“Sorry. I know he was only gone a week but… you know. It was supposed to be longer.”

At the weepy look in the otherwise-strong woman’s eye, Skye felt a little misty herself. But when she caught sight of Tim staring at her, the mushy emotion faded into something much more like panic.

How would he react? Would he give her a hug like his sister? Would he give her a kiss? A handshake? For some stupid reason, how he greeted her seemed like it would set the tone for what was to come.

Apparently the tone was… nothing.

He stared at her, his gaze neither welcoming nor condemning. He shifted his weight forward, then back on his heels again. It was like he couldn’t figure out how to respond, what the right thing to say was. The right thing to do.

That makes two of us.

Madison shifted beside Tim, and Skye realized the two of them were staring at each other like a high noon showdown. Okay, so this would be awkward. But what did she expect—him to sweep her off her feet and cart her off to Aruba for a honeymoon?

“Welcome home, I guess. I didn’t realize when you said you were deploying that you meant so soon.”

He shrugged and bent to pick up a long, olive green bag. “That’s the way it works.”

Madison picked up a thick briefcase-shaped box and headed for the front door. Relishing the ability to have something to do with her hands, Skye grabbed a knapsack and slung it over her shoulder, following Madison. She barely made it through the front door before a large hand touched her neck while reaching for the strap. The brush of rough fingertips made her shiver.

“I’ll take that.” Tim slid the pack off her shoulders and dropped the entire bundle on the tile floor by the door. “I’m just going to leave it here for now.”

The three stood in the foyer, a heavy silence settling around them. Nobody seemed to look at anyone else. Should she go? Was this a time for him and his sister to talk? It was their house, anyway. But there was so much she needed to tell him, it was practically bursting out of her. She tamped down the urge to yell out her reason for coming, get it over with like ripping a bandage off.

Definitely not the right impression.

Tim cleared his throat and gave Madison a pointed glance. “Dwayne mentioned drinks at the O Club with Jeremy. Maybe you wanna go check that out, squirt.”

Madison rolled her eyes and laughed. “Subtle. Very subtle. But you’re right. Drinks with those two sounds perfect.” She picked up a purse sitting on the entry table and stood on her tiptoes to give him another kiss on the cheek. “Good to have you back, bro, even for a little while.” Before she closed the door behind her, she called out, “Don’t call me squirt.”

Tim’s chuckle rumbled through the nearly-empty room. Then he turned toward her, and the amusement evaporated into an intense hunger. Something she could relate to.

She was hungry for him too.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful post Jeanette, you made me chuckle and the ooh – aaah and of course sigh with those delicious shivers. I could just imagine the dog tags clinking when the short came off, wow… Sexy! I completely get why military men are ideal romance novel heroes! 😀

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