Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Trailer #1

An extra 1:23 to squee over. (I see the meadow – I see the meadow!)

That was fast – somehow I thought the 10 second Eclipse preview was all we were going to get for a while unless you went and saw Remember Me in theaters.

Is it me or were all of Jacob’s lines delivered in the same tone for the trailer? Weird. Perhaps it’s me being bias again. I wouldn’t be surprised. I can’t wait for Jacob to get smacked upside the head. Seriously, it’s one of the scenes I’m most looking forward to in the movie.

Did you see Edward’s eyes when Jacob says, “You have to consider the idea that I might be better than her?” Aw… I want to hug him. You know he’s thinking, “Yes, I have.” Poor Edward. Luckily he’s not stupid and learns from his mistakes in New Moon.

Volturi and Jane – woot! Fun to see them compared to Victoria – dark cloaks versus flaming red hair. Victoria by the way for those who don’t know is now being played by Bryce Dallas Howard instead of Rachelle Lefevre. I don’t know the reason for this switch however. Does anyone know? I found a little something about the controversy. How did I miss this? It seems like it should have been really big news, but it went right over my head. Hopefully Bryce is good in the part.

Who’s going to have a party? I totally am (even if it’s a party of one lol I’m going to have to find someone to drag to the theaters with me on opening night). Here are some ideas to check out for games, snacks, prizes, decorations, and more:

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4 thoughts on “Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Trailer #1”

  1. Poor Edward is probably thinking Jacob IS better for Bella, but he won’t let her go!!!

    I like the line where Jacob says, “I won’t let you go until your heart stops beating.” FORESHADOW FORESHADOW FORESHADOW

    1. Yes definitely foreshadow. It’s so funny you like that line I see all that’s wrong with Jacob in that line. It’s not like Edward would say “I won’t let you go until you turn furry.” lol

  2. Now I was a fan of the Twilight books, even liked the first movie again, but it’s just become so hokey now. I would’ve liked something more independent film-esque…

  3. Seriously no one.. No one can take place of robert pattinson (Edward)… He Is actully thinking Jacob is better for bella but he doesnot know he and bella are mend together……: )

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