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By: Marcia, guest reviewer

Bailey Wingate is living what many would believe to be a charmed life in Seattle, but she has problems. Not that she is complaining. She knows that she is fortunate. Having grown up impoverished, she became the personal assistant to James Wingate, a wealthy businessman and father of two extremely self absorbed, spoiled, greedy, adult children. After James’ wife died, he realized that his own will had not been updated since his children where very young. He also realized that turning over large estate to these two irresponsible people was not advisable. While in the process of setting up trust funds for his children, James found out he was terminally ill. He then approached his assistant, Bailey.

Bailey is now the widow of James in full control of all of his assets and his children’s trust funds. She did not inherit any of the estate, but is paid a very handsome salary. She also has use of several homes. Seth and Tazmin Wingate are unaware of all the particulars of the father’s arrangement with Bailey. All they know is that she controls their money.

Cameron Justice is part owner of J&L Executive Air Limo along with his best friend, Bret. Their largest client is the Wingate Group. He is a former Air Force pilot, calm and steady when under fire. Due to a series of unfortunate events, he is awakened early in the morning and asked to fly Bailey to Colorado where she is scheduled to meet her brother and sister-in-law and go on a white water rafting vacation. Early morning call not withstanding, Cam is not happy about having to fly Bailey anywhere. He thinks that she is a cold, haughty snob. Bailey thinks the same of Cam and they get off on the wrong foot when, while loading her luggage onboard, he appears to be critical of all the supplies she has brought with her.

As they are approaching snow-capped mountains in Idaho, the plane’s engines shut down. Only Cam’s flying ability keeps them from slamming into the rocky peaks. He is able to bring the plane down to the tree line hoping to cushion their fall. The wing is torn off and tree limbs come into one side of the plane. Both Bailey and Cam are knocked out. When Bailey regains consciousness, she discovers that Cam’s injuries are worse then hers. The temperature is below freezing and she must take care of Cam and build them shelter until Cam recovers. Not surprisingly, all the clothing and supplies she packed come in handy. They have to put their differences aside to survive and having to sleep together in order to conserve heat doesn’t hurt the road to love.

Linda Howard has researched her subject thoroughly. The detailed airplane crash and survival scenes add realism and drama to a humorous and sensual romance combining into a great summer read.

Rating: 3 ½ Stars

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