Walking through a Book’s Setting

Lynne SilverGuest blog by Lynne Silver, author of Heated Match

My husband travels a lot for work. Like so much he’s on a first name basis with quite a few flight attendants. As one of my friends (whose husband also travels a ton) says, when her husband boards the plane, he’s greeted with, “Do you want your BJ now or later?” Ha!

My point is this. He has miles accrued. Enough miles that we were able to pull out the passports and take the family to London over the summer. Now I’m a writer, and three of my published novellas have been set in Regency London, so you can imagine I was a bit gaga about going to London.

I had a vision in my mind. We’d explore palaces, shop on Bond Street, stroll by the Serpentine. My boys (ages 7 & 10) had other ideas. It was an amazing trip to London, though not the writer retreat I’d dreamed of.

Royal Teddy GuardWe (window) shopped on Jermyn St. We did stroll by the Serpentine! And I did get to explore Kensington Palace, but the accompanying chorus of “Moooommm, this is soooo boring,” quickened the visit.

It was too bad I don’t write medieval romance because much time was spent in the white tower at the Tower of London examining weaponry and suits of armor.

London is an amazing city with an acute juxtaposition of modern and really, really old. One of the things I noticed was the influx of London inhabitants from all over the world. Almost no one we met was a British citizen. Everyone had come to the city seeking financial opportunities not available in their country of origin.

Lynne SilverThis is one of the reasons, I set part of my book, Heated Match, in London. In Heated Match, the villain needs a place to hide in plain sight. He runs a legitimate fertility clinic, but with a very shady underbelly. My poor hero and heroine discover this underbelly and get caught up in a very dangerous situation.

It was fun to once again use London as a backdrop for a book, but in a totally different context than my regencies.

So tell me which settings do you love? Is there a book or movie in which the setting becomes another character. A movie for me that comes to mind is Stealing Beauty with Liv Tyler. The artist retreat in Tuscany might be the main character for me.


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  1. This is great, Lynne. I did that in Scotland, too, indirectly. Since I was going anyway, I thought I should make full use of the trip.

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