Want to Learn More about Your Favorite Romance Cover Models?

Guest blog by Sandra Scholes

You would be surprised how many popular models are selling romance novels of every genre, from historical to Gothic, vampire, fantasy, contemporary and science fiction, with everything in between. Take Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series, each one features a young man of impressive physique on the cover bearing the exact same tattoo, but on a different male. He looks straight at the reader, with smouldering dark eyes and defined pectorals that sport hard nipples that would make even the most timid gal blush at the sight (think about being in any book store. 😉 ) These cover men would make any gal buy the books just for them gracing them. It is amazing what a fantastic cover of a buff young man will do for the sales of romance novels. If anyone says they don’t influence them, they might be in the minority as what would be the point of having cover photos of sexy men on them in the first place?

There are loads of cover men, and for your indulgence, ladies, here are a few of the models and more about them, their lives, their other work and most important of all, the website you can find them on…and learn even more about them.

Enjoy your leap into the world of the cover model; it will surely open your mind.

Model – Andrei Claude

Andrei Claude is in his fourth year as an international male model, and is one of those versatile types of men who can offer plenty of services within that particular career. As many of his followers will notice, he is gym fit, and also has the striking facial looks to go with the body. He is always ready to be at a given assignment, and has the professional outlook to make the client’s photographs work. For those who are familiar with his works, they will notice how much time and effort he has put into making sure his body is in such a muscular condition.

Model – Frank Sepe

Frank Sepe has an extensive career in both writing and fitness. His ability to be creative has led him to being a book author, his novels on fitness and health include; Fitness as a Lifestyle, Focus on FAQ’s: 100 of the Most frequently asked Fitness and Nutrition questions and Frank Sepe’s Abs-olutely Perfect Plan for a Flatter Stomach. He is also a writer and columnist for American Health & Fitness, Cosmopolitan and Musclemag International. He has many claims to fame, one of them is that he appeared inside the Arnold Schwarzenegger Encyclopaedia of Bodybuilding, and the other is his modelling assignments for the covers of Harlequin romance novels. He is also a personal trainer and has appeared in TV, film and radio.

Model – Jason Baca

Successful model Jason liked his brush with cover modelling that he writes books about his experiences. Before this he was a baseball player at high school right through to university in California. He has appeared in fashion magazines, glamour and even Playgirl.

Model – John De Salvo

John holds the prestigious title of being called “The Cover King,” as he has graced the covers of over 1500 romance novels to date. Born in the Bronx, he grew up a big fan of The New York Yankees, and later honed a love of acting, attending the School for Film and Television in NYC. He landed his big break starring alongside Adam Sandler and Chris Farley for a TV commercial. Since then he has been in film and theatre and also, as many know and love, he has been a cover model for several artists such as fantasy artist Boris Vallejo. On the website below there are 500 romance covers you can have a look at, and many, I am sure, you will recognize.


Model – Nathan Camp

Born in Seattle, he has an active interest in sports, especially football, but his real interest in wrestling lead him to greater heights where he decided to take it up in a more serious way. He took part in tournaments and after that he wondered what eh would do next. It wasn’t long before he and his brother attend a model convention, and to their surprises Nathan was snapped up by none other than Abercrombie and Fitch after getting with a good agency who pointed him in the right direction. Nathan felt he was pursuing a dream of his, and in 2000 he pursued another dream, marrying the love of his life and settling down with her.

Model: CJ Hollenbach

CJ took up modelling after attending college, taking his degree in Graphic Design to model agencies around the country, but after a while he found that no one wanted models until he came across one of the more prominent department stores whose manager liked his general look and wanted to have him as their model straight away after they had seen the photos. He has been featured in Playgirl magazine twice, and done underwear, trucker’s wear catalogues, tool catalogues and other modelling showing that he is very versatile with the kind of work he undertakes. His first foray into romance cover modelling was when he entered the first Mr Romance model contest in San Diego, and found he was one of the lucky entrants. Since then he has broadened his spectrum of work and become more of a model than he could have ever imagined.

Model: Sean O’Brien

Sean is a definite all-rounder when it comes to modelling, music and other aspects of entertainment, as he has also appeared in TV shows and performed in Europe. He has appeared as a contestant on the highly successful American Gladiators show among many, but what most women will remember him for are his covers for romance novels, as he has a certain presence the ladies will agree is rather handsome and striking.

Model: Jimmy Thomas

Jimmy’s entry into romance cover modelling was similar to CJ Hollenbach’s, as he entered the Mr Romance contest in San Deigo in 2002 and won. He is a very active kind of guy who enjoys Kenpo, self defence training, kickboxing and weight training. Jimmy is also well travelled and got so far as Egypt for his many projects. He will also attend this year’s Romantic Times Convention in April in Orlando, Florida.

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