What am I Working on Now? Sneak Preview!

HoldingOffforaHeroGail MacMillan, author of Holding Off for a Hero

I’ve got several projects underway. One is a historical romance about a wilderness doctor in New Brunswick, Canada, who wins a sea captain’s favorite horse in a card game. Desperate to redeem his prized stallion, the Captain pleads with the doctor to tell him what he must do to get the animal back. Dr. William MacTavish declares there is only way and that is to accept the challenge of a quest he’s about to describe.

In order to redeem his prized stallion, the captain must find the doctor an assistant on his return trip to England. But what an assistant! This person must be able to cook and clean, do farm work, manage animals, and assist the doctor in his medical procedures. This amazing being must also be able to read and write and cipher and be sufficiently clever to learn about potions and medicines and their uses. Strong, clever, brave, uncomplaining and resourceful, the doctor’s assistant must be his helpmate in every way.

Captain James Wallace returns to England, convinced he’ll never find such a remarkable human being and that his beloved horse will be lost to him forever. But then he meets Lizzie Grey and his hopes renew. After all, the good doctor hadn’t specified the sex of the paragon he’s requested.

I foresee all kinds of fun writing this story. My four main characters are already threatening to leap out of control and tell the story on their own. Wow!

I’ve also got a non-fiction manuscript in the works tentatively “To All the Dogs I’ve Loved Before.” It’s about all the wonderful dogs who’ve shared my life over the years. It’s a story filled with joy and sadness as new dogs enter my life and beloved old ones find their way over the rainbow bridge. All in all, a very emotional experience.

Another project is a contemporary romance about a country western singer and a horse breeding farm owner. But I’d rather keep that one secret just now.

There a few magazine pieces as well in the works and several short stories. I definitely don’t see myself being bored over the next few months.

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13 thoughts on “What am I Working on Now? Sneak Preview!”

  1. Wow, Gail, what a fabulous story idea! I love it! Also love the non-fiction project. There won’t be a dry eye left in the house when you finish that, I’m sure. I’m an emotional wreck if I just write a blog about my departed friends.

  2. Gail,
    If your name isn’t in parentheses next to the word “Ambitious” it should be! I love the sound of your projects and the animal themes behind them. It took me several years to convince myself that I could juggle one or more stories simultaneously. I was afraid that shifting from one to another would disrupt focus. But I had so many story ideas! I figured out that if the pieces were total contrasts, like how you’re working on the historical and a contemporary, I could manage. Definitely keeps things interesting!

  3. A busy few months or years? You’re bursting with ideas! I love the sea captain premise. Make sure you let us know when the book is published.

  4. I don’t know what it is about historical lately but since the first one I read, I can’t seem to get enough of them. And yours certainly sounds like a winner Gail. Looking forward to it. :}



  5. I’m looking forward to reading more of Gail’s entertaining books, especially the ones with dogs in them, since we share a great love for canines. It will be hard holding off reading HOLDING OFF FOR A HERO. Can’t wait for the release!

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