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Thank you for inviting me to visit with you today on Love, Romance, Passion. I’m thrilled to share with your readers.

You know, your blog name reminds me of my tag line. What’s a tag line? It is one line that pretty much describes what a reader can expect to find when reading the books I write. It’s my brand. I didn’t even think about creating a tag line until I had written four novels, so when I did, I had to take a long, hard look at my writing style. My stories are all historical romance, but also contain adventures. My hero/heroine set out on a quest, and along the way they meet with danger. Together, and sometimes separately, they conquer that danger and move toward their goal. There is always romance, for what would a historical romance be without the romance . . . historical, and that would never work in the romance genre. My books are generally action packed and face paced, because I simply can’t get bogged down in a 5-page description of a table setting. Does it matter what color the drapes are when there is a dead body laying at the foot of the stairs?

What is my tag line? you ask. “Danger, Adventure, and Romance, because the journey to happily ever after should leave you . . . breathless.” So when you pick up any of my novels, you pretty much know what you can expect. A thrill ride, and my current novel, To Kill a Monarch, is no different. Set in London in 1811 it’s what my publisher calls a “caper” story. Here is a little blurp:

Whispers in dark allies say Napoleon’s best assassin, The Falcon, has been sent to London to kill the Monarch. The problem – The Falcon’s identity is known only to the French Emperor. Sir Walter Tinsdale’s new partner, Philip Hamilton, arrives to discover their mission is to find the elusive bird of prey before he strikes. But their nemesis is like a phantom and always one step ahead of them. Enter the lovely Miss Charlotte Winston, the object of Sir Tinsdale’s affections, as well as those of Philip Hamilton. Unlikely alliances, deception, murder, and suicide will keep you turning the pages until the identity of The Falcon is finally revealed. With all the seduction and action of a James Bond movie, To Kill a Monarch is like 007 in 1811.

Want more? How about an excerpt?


Monarch CoverPhillip lifted the lid off the terrine. The rich aroma of the thick beef stew rose with the steam that swirled above the heavy pot. A loaf of bread wrapped in a linen cloth still held the heat of the oven and his stomach growled, reminding him that he had not eaten since breakfast.

“Come, Charlotte. I’m famished. Let us dine. And after we eat, I have another surprise for you.”

“Another surprise?”

“Yes, I have a little gift for you.”

She sauntered toward the table only stopping when she came to stand beside him. “A gift?”


“What is it?”

“It’s a surprise. Now come, let us eat.”

“Will I like it?”

“I hope you will.”

“Tell me what it is.”

“You will have to wait until after dinner to see.”

“Phillip, why do you tease me so?”

“As I believe I have already told you, Madam, you have yet to sample the extent of my teasing. But after dinner I intend to give you a full ration.”


Sound interesting? Where can you get this book? It is available in e-book form through Soul Mate Publishing at www.soulmatepublishing.com, or at Amazon or B&N.

If you would like to find out more about me, or my books, please visit me at www.gerribrousseau.com, or come find me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/gerri.brousseau.5) or on Twitter (GMBfictionwrite). I love engaging with my readers and would be happy to answer your questions.

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