What Makes a Romantic Couple Work?

Blood Spirit Guest Blog by Gabrielle Bisset, author of Blood Spirit

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What makes a romantic couple work? I’m thinking many souls have thought about that question at some point in their lives. What brings two people together isn’t the same thing that keeps them together. This is true in romance novels, although since the romance genre requires a HEA, it’s a foregone conclusion that couples will work in the end.

My hero and heroine in Blood Spirit, Terek and Ilona, are as different as night and day. Physically, they are exactly that. He’s olive skinned, with black hair and green eyes, while she’s light skinned, blonde, with brown eyes. He’s quiet and seductive, whereas she’s quite vocal about her opinions and often unsure of herself. It’s an odd combination, to say the least.

While I write paranormal romance that focuses on vampires, I always give my characters a real life foundation to base their attraction on so that it’s plausible that they would remain together, even if the HEA wasn’t assured. The foundation is usually a very simple one: respect. Over the course of the book, my hero and heroine in each book grow to respect one another. Of course, since it’s romance, they’re madly in love and sexually crazy about one another, but below that is that solid basis of respect. My heroes care about the women they love, even more than desire them. And my heroines find that the men who charmed them just chapters before are so much more than eye candy.

Romance novels are often about the most fantastic things, but for me, what always makes me love my characters by the end of their books is that they’re like me in the ways that count most. Whether they be vampires or humans, men or women, they have always been searching for that one soul that truly cares about them.

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  1. Absolutely agree with you Gabrielle, respect goes a long way in a long term relationship. I loved Blood Spirit, Terek is such a wonderful hero. hes so romantic and valiant i just love him

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