When Hexes Go Wild!


by Linda Wisdom, guest blogger and author of Hex in High Heels

Thank you to Love Romance Passion for having me here today!

As an author who’s been published for many years, I still get excited when a new book comes out. It’s fun to go into the bookstores and see the books there and so tempting to say “I wrote that book” when someone picks up a copy.  Yes, I have done it a few times. So far, Security hasn’t hauled me out. :}

It’s even more fun now because I have these wonderful stand-out covers that grace the shelves.

I started out with the concept of rebellious witches. The best part is that it’s taken off from there.

Unlike most series, mine deals with a different heroine in every book, but I do sprinkle in the others and introduce future witches in the books. In essence, the same part is a rebellious witch with special gifts and accessories along with a hot male, but the difference is in personalities and their adventures.

hexinhighheelsBlair Fitzgerald is the main witch in Hex in High Heels, although Jazz and Stasi also appear along with sightings of Thea and Maggie who will be in the next two books. Since layers are important to a book, I’ve added sexy carpenter Jake Harrison, Blair’s Were Border collie love interest and some nasties as in Jake’s Were mother and brother who aren’t happy about the idea of Jake being involved with a witch. Let’s just say there are reasons there that are not good at all.

But Blair can’t just have furry boyfriend trouble, although that’s there in spades. Not when Fluff and Puff have decided to hang around as tattoos on Blair’s ankle, Irma’s staying in Moonstone Lake because she’s found a boyfriend who’s older than her, and some elves that Santa wouldn’t want at the North Pole.

Blair’s not just a witch, she’s a stubborn and determined witch and if anyone messes with her boyfriend she’ll go after them with spells a’blazin’ and the same if anyone thinks they can harm her town. How Blair handles it is fun and more than a bit scary, since we are talking a witch who’s gifted in revenge spells. She also shows a cheating boyfriend it’s never good to lie to his girlfriend or strange things can happen.

That’s my thing. I love to add layers to my books. One thing will lead to another then to another and eventually go back to the original incident. Even if you throw them all up into the air, they’ll come down in a strangely chaotic and fun arrangement that goes together.

I may have started out with a witch in lust over a Were Border collie, but pretty soon a lot of roadblocks were thrown Blair’s way and being the witch she was, she managed to zap them out of the way.

An excellent reason why I also love writing paranormal, because it’s so much fun to add magick to the book and what some might oddball situations.

What can I say? I love the unusual!

And I hope too.

What is it you love about paranormal books?


Hex in High Heels, Book 4 in the Hex Series,

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In this sexy, funny paranormal romance by bestselling author Linda Wisdom, it’s all beautiful witch Blair Fitzpatrick can do to keep a lid on her talent for revenge spells, but things are about to get a lot more complicated…

Blair loves running her vintage shop and hanging out with witchy friends Stasi and Jazz. She’s forever had a crush on hunky carpenter Jake Harrison, whose Were nature (he’s a Border collie) makes him loyal, lovable, and fierce when need be. Just as sparks are beginning to fly, Blair is served with a big surprise when Jake’s mother shows up along with his pack leader, who threatens to make Jake heel! When the alpha does the unthinkable, Blair is pushed over the edge. No one messes with her boyfriend-to-be, even if he does shed on the furniture!

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Linda Wisdom has published more than 70 novels with 13 million copies sold worldwide including traditional, paranormal, humor, action/adventure romance, and romantic suspense. Her bestselling books have been nominated for Romantic Times awards and the Romance Writers of America Rita Award. She lives with her husband in Murrieta, California.

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20 thoughts on “When Hexes Go Wild!”

  1. Hi Linda!

    I was flying around on my broom, when I heard the words “rebellious witches” mentioned on the post. Was that me you were talking about? (LOL)

    What do I like about paranormals? Well magickal potion bottles here we go: shapeshifters, vampires, dark powers, witches, alpha males. I love that basically anything goes in paranormals. I wanted to mention that your book covers are wonderfully unique, they’re attention grabbers. Guess what I’d do, if I ran into you at the book store? Well, beg & plead for an autograph of course. 🙂

  2. I love all the things that paranormal brings. You can live forever, shape shift, move as fast as the speed of sound, entrance someone or something.

    It’s the fantasy that makes paranomals so awesome.

    Thanks for spending time with us.

    Fallon H.

  3. I love paranormals because they are so different from reality. It gives me a chance to escape into the unknown. I love a paranormal with a mix of romance and humor but I also love a good thriller.

  4. Whats not to love about paranormal. I love vamps and witches and weres. I would spend everyday with my nose in a book if I could. Hex in High Heels sounds like so much fun!! I cant wait to read it. I love Paranormal books with humor!!

  5. What’s not to love, I’m not normal so why would I want to read boy meets girl, dates, beds, maybe weds, Boring. Paranormal allows you to immerse yourself in excitement. Take Jake, arrives as a cute little doggie, aah! Then POW he’s a hunk, Nick, one sexy Vamp. What more could an abnormal gal want. Then there are the witches, strong and independent women. No sniveling, cowering little flowers are they. Women you can look up to and want to emulate.

  6. I know I’m going to love Linda Wisdom’s novels! I read a variety of genres and now and then, to spice things up a bit, I enjoy paranormal romances. They take my imagination to another dimension and I love it even more if it makes me laugh, too! Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series got me hooked on paranormal romances.

  7. The list of what I don’t love about paranormals would be much shorter. lol
    What’s not to love? I love the escape, the mysticism, the possibilities…..what if? I can put myself in the stories and imagine all these amazing things happening to me.


  8. Hello! A lot of myths and tall tales started with a little nugget of truth and embellished it until it became a legend. Paranormal fiction is intriguing because it takes our fascination with fearsome things to a whole new level! Many of us have had unexplainble “supernatural” events in our lives, which leaves the door open for our imaginations.

  9. I like the darkness of the stories and the action. I like strong characters put into interesting and unique situations. I also find the world building and mythologies to add extra depth to the stories.

  10. Lots of good comments of what brings you to paranormals.

    I’m positive this morning that Frank our house ghost moved a bowl on the kitchen table, because I had no reason to do it and at the time I was the only one down there.

    He probably did it because I told him to stay out of my make up.


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