When the Characters Interview the Authors

command performanceGuest Post by Sara Jane Stone, author of COMMAND PERFORMANCE

An Interview with Sara Jane Stone, author of COMMAND PERFORMANCE By Maggie Barlow, Heroine of COMMAND PERFORMANCE!

Thank you Love Passion Romance for inviting me!  I’m Professor Maggie Barlow, the heroine in Sara Jane Stone’s debut novel COMMAND PERFORMANCE.   Ms. Stone has done a number of interviews as part of her ongoing COMMAND PERFORMANCE Blog Tour.  Today, I decided to interview her.  If I can get answers from the sexy Army Ranger who I gave me the best orgasms of my life before I learned he was assigned to be my Army liaison, I can get a few juicy answers out of Ms. Stone!

Maggie: Hi Ms. Stone!  Thanks for sitting down with me today.

Sara Jane Stone:  Thrilled to be here.  I’ve missed you.  After months of writing and revising, it seems strange not to spend hours each day with you.  And please, Maggie, all me Sara Jane.

Maggie: Ok, first question Sara Jane.  Of all the places to find a one-night stand, why did you send me to a car show?

Sara Jane Stone:  Your best friend Olivia and I had the same idea.  Google top places to meet men.  Car show was on the list and my imagination took it from there.

Maggie: I think Hunter is perfect for me.  It took some convincing, but now I’m head over heels.  Where did you find him?

Sara Jane Stone: On the pages of a nonfiction book.   After reading a review for Doug Stanton’s HORSE SOLDIERS, I thought the idea of a soldier who literally rode a horse through Afghanistan sounded like the perfect romance hero.  What romance reader could resist a “cowboy soldier”?

Maggie: Don’t let Hunter hear you call him that.  He hates that label.  Trust me.

Sara Jane Stone (laughing): I remember.  He set you straight during your first interview, didn’t he?

Maggie:  Yes.  But he had a good point. Riding a horse through a warzone did not make him a cowboy.  He’s part of a team.  Now, back to the questions.  I know my favorite scene in the book.  It is close to the end and includes those three magical words: “I love you.”  I’m not giving away too much am I?

Sara Jane Stone:  No.  Your story is red-hot, but it is a romance novel.  Readers expect a HEA ending.

Maggie:  Phew.  I was nervous there for a minute.  Now, back to my questions.  What is your favorite scene in the book?

Sara Jane Stone:  I’ll give you a hint.  It involves a hay bale and roasted marshmallows.

Maggie:  The s’mores scene!  I loved learning more about Hunter while we sat around the fire.  And what girl can resist melted chocolate?  That scene is on my favorites list too, probably number 3.

Sara Jane Stone:  Just curious.  What is your second favorite scene?

Maggie:  That might be giving too much away.

Sara Jane Stone: Your blushing.  Now I’m curious.

Maggie: The hotel room in Tennessee.  Hunter was very creative that night.  Now for the last question: was it really necessary to share my love of linguine Alfredo with readers?  Does everyone need to know I hid my skinny jeans at the back of my closet because I thought my thighs looked a little too large in them?

Sara Jane Stone: Everyone has insecurities, Maggie.  The important thing is Hunter loves you just the way you are.  And trust me, the size of your thighs never entered his mind.  Especially after you slipped out of those jeansJ

Maggie:  You’re right, he does.  Thanks for sitting down with me Sara Jane.  I hoped we’ve peaked the readers’ interest today.  If you’d like to learn more about COMMAND PERFORMANCE, keep reading!  We also have a great prize for you today.  A $10 Amazon Gift Card!  And if you have a question for debut author Sara Jane Stone, leave a comment.  She will stopping by throughout the day.

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About the Book

Subject: Chief Warrant Officer Hunter Cross

Mission: Keep Margaret Barlow distracted…using any means necessary!

Ranger Hunter Cross is the army poster child—excitement, danger and no strings in sight. And he’s been in town exactly three hours before a curvy blonde named Maggie flashes him a look that says “You belong in my bed.” It’s a night of wicked satisfaction. And it’s a night they can never repeat….

All Professor Maggie Barlow wanted was an orgasm—or three— from the dead-sexy Ranger. Having him as her official army liaison while she works on her new book? That wasn’t in the plan. Especially when she learns that Hunter has orders to “control” her. Little does the army know that when it comes to their deliciously naughty nighttime activities, Hunter is at Maggie’s complete command….

Uniformly Hot!  The Few. The Proud. The Sexy as Hell.

COMMAND PERFORMANCE is available in print, ebook and audio!

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Author Bio:

After several years on the other side of the publishing industry, Sara Jane Stone bid goodbye to her sales career to pursue her dream–writing romance novels. Sara Jane currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with her very supportive real-life hero, two lively young children and a lazy Burmese cat.

Social Media Links:

Website: http://www.sarajanestone.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SaraJaneStone

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7036481.Sara_Jane_Stone

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SaraJaneStone

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  1. I love the idea of a curvy woman who thinks about everything just as we do in real life. I was hooked right after reading about the book. It has all of my favorite elements, a man that makes me his pedestal token, good food and a curvy heroine. Thank you for sharing!

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