Who is Bree Tanner and Why Does She Get a Novella?

Stephenie Meyer is releasing a novella on June 5, 2010 in the US called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, which chronicles the last weeks of Bree Tanner’s life as a vampire.

Book Details:

  • Page Count: 192 pages
  • Hardcover Price: $13.99
  • Amazon Price: $7.69

$1.00 of the proceeds from each book will go to the American Red Cross to assist aiding the earthquake victims of Chile and Haiti.

  • English Ebook Version: $0.00 from June 7 to July 5, 2010 at www.breetanner.com
  • Foreign Readers: Don’t worry the June 5th release date will be adhered to by Little Brown’s UK, Australian and New Zealand partner publishers.

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But as I’m sure you’re all wondering, why Bree Tanner? Let’s take a look:

Character Description:

Bree Tanner has a slight build with chin length dark hair and bright red eyes, indicating her newborn status and also her diet of human blood. Bree was probably around the age of fifteen at the time she was turned into a vampire.

Character Bio:

Bree Tanner is the young vampire girl in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. She makes her appearance at the end of Eclipse, the third novel in the series. Her creator was Victoria, the redheaded mate of James who was killed by the Cullens at the end of Twilight.

What makes Bree special is that she’s the only newborn vampire to snap out of the blood frenzy and surrender. She’s granted mercy by the Cullens (most probably Carlisle who doesn’t see the point in useless killing).

Unfortunately for Bree, the Volturi finally got around to acting on the rumors of a newborn hoard in Seattle, Washington. They send Jane as their representative in this matter. She and her entourage of Volturi guards arrive on the scene and see to the cleanup just after the battle between the newborns and Team Forks (werewolves and Cullens.) It is believed that Jane’s timing is deliberate.

After questioning Carlisle about the newborn army, Jane tortures Bree with her cruel gaze. Bree quickly gives up her name and the fact that she never met Victoria, only Riley, her right hand. Bree also reveals that the army was under the assumption that the Cullens were going to destroy them. This attack was meant to be preemptive or so they thought. The were also promised a reward for successfully killing the Cullens and Bella. They were promised the city of Forks and all the humans in it to appease their terrible thirst.

Jane reminds the Cullens (and readers) that the Volturi offer no second chances to anyone who breaks the rules, even if they don’t know that there are rules to obey.  In quick order Bree is killed by Felix on Jane’s command.

Thus ends the short afterlife of Bree Tanner.

Buy: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella

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8 thoughts on “Who is Bree Tanner and Why Does She Get a Novella?”

  1. Hm…I hadn’t realized it was also available as a hardcover. Interesting. I like the hourglass on the cover, simple, but it works. Jane is such a wickedly cool character, I’d get Bree’s story just to read about Jane.

  2. Me too! I was wondering why Bree over say Jane or Aros. I think it has to be because she’s probably the most unglamorous vampire story in Stephenie Meyer’s world. Her human life is cut short in its prime without a hint of romance. She’s forced into an army. She goes to battle. (All without a hint of romance? I guess we’ll have to read the novella to make sure on that, but I doubt it). Then she surrenders and gets killed anyway. A real happy tale. 😛

  3. I think the same as heidenkind. It is really necessary? I supposed the big fans of twilight will read it anyway, but I think there are so many better characters in this saga than this Bree…

  4. Haha… probably not we know most of her story and her ending from Eclipse. The story should give us more of what happened before she got to Forks for the Victoria/Newborn vs Team Forks show down.

  5. i think stephenie should write a novella on the volturi’s thoughts throughout the whole series. it would be cool if she wrote it like breaking darn, with different “books” in one. like one for aro, one for jane…etc. maybe even a small one for victoria, even though she’s not part of the volturi…so much potential…(:

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