Why Did the Naked Man Jump in the Lake?

by Annemarie Hartnett, guest blogger and author of Head Over Heels.

No, that’s not a riddle, and it’s not a joke.

Chrissie, the heroine of my new romantic comedy, Head Over Heels, would tell you that’s a very valid question. At the same time Sam, the aforementioned naked man and the object of Chrissie’s vacation lust, would probably argue that dropping your drawers and flinging yourself into a body of cold water is perfectly acceptable behaviour for when one is on vacation.

Getting away does things to people. We leave behind our rituals and in doing so discover that it’s not the end of the world to be disconnected from the person we normally are. In Sam’s case, taking off his clothes and streaking into the water shows how he’s one of those people who accepts that disconnect. Chrissie, on the other hand, needs a little more coaxing: if she’s going to consider having that fling with Sam she’s been fantasizing about, she has to be already half-naked and in bed with him.

Not to say she doesn’t have a point when she thinks that no good can come out of this. I’m sure we all have those cringe-worthy moments (or, god-forbid, photos) from vacation, usually involving alcohol and the opposite sex.

But come on.  Sam’s gorgeous, funny, and completely into Chrissie.  Sometimes you’ve just got to let the vacation-self take over.  Get naked and jump in that lake! Dress up like a pirate and sing sea-shanties! Snog your vacation crush!

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They stood at the water’s edge and threw pebbles over the glassy surface as Chrissie recounted the trek from the parking lot to the lake.

Laurie’s shoulders shook as she laughed. “Tell me about how ripe Sam’s ass is. Tell me how nice and springy it is. Come on. I need it.”

Chrissie grinned. Her cheeks hurt from smiling. “Nice and firm, like a volleyball.”

“Oh God, I hate you.” Laurie held up her phone, studied the screen, swore, and tucked it back at her side. “You should try and grope him again tonight.”

“I can’t. You remember what happened in Florida with Miranda and Stuart.”

“Seriously? You are nothing like Miranda and Sam is nothing like Stuart—unless you plan to blow a Mexican waiter to get back at Sam for grabbing your boob in public.”

Chrissie sighed. “Still, why spoil a good vacation? If I want to get laid, I can wait until I get home, and then I can get laid by a doctor. Not like I don’t get plenty of offers at the hospital.”

“But none as hot as Sam. Plus, I’ll bet he’s got some kinky fantasy about being on his deathbed and only Naughty Nurse knows the cure.”

Before Chrissie could respond she heard a whooping sound come from the bushes.

“Would you look at that,” Laurie said as Sam and Tony came running towards them. Naked. Arms flailing above their heads. Other appendages flailing elsewhere.

“Woo hoo!” Sam whizzed past her and hit the water with a large splash. Tony did the same a few feet away. They emerged with a flurry of curses about the temperature of the water.

“That’s what you get,” Chrissie managed to say before she doubled over.

Laurie nodded and pointed. “Yeah, penises aren’t so mighty now, are they?”

Tony just kept on cursing and Sam huffed and puffed as he trod water. “R-r-right now I c-c-couldn’t f-f-find m-m-mine with the Hubble tel-l-l-escope!”

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6 thoughts on “Why Did the Naked Man Jump in the Lake?”

  1. We went to St. Augustine and went on a ghost tour on a boat. I was totally crushin’ on our “Pirate” captain. lol

    deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

  2. My most memorable vacation crush was my first crush. I was 13. He was an “older man” of 17. He was a lifeguard who saved me from what he thought was drowning (I was being silly). I could not look him in the face without turning red. He called me “Punky”.

  3. I went on a 2-week rafting trip on the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon and got a major crush on one of the rafting guides. I got to watch him in action every day, rowing his raft and guiding it through the rapids. Definitely made the trip memorable.

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