Why I Joined Author Yahoo Groups


by Susan Sigler, guest blogger

Some time ago, Keira asked me if I would share my interest in Yahoo groups with LRP readers. At the time, I promised to add it onto my to-do list. Which by the way, if stretched would circle the earth four times, know what I mean?

There are several reasons I love Yahoo groups, main reason being it matches my interests. Which happen to be my love of reading, a commitment to follow new projects by favorite authors, and to keep up to date on publisher news.

Here’s a list of some groups I belong to: BiancaDArcNews, ciarcullen, Deanna_Jewel_Readers, devynquinn, genashowalter, JLWilsonNewsletter, moirarogers, roxanneserotica, Terry_Spear_News, and theromancestudio.

You can find a group to match almost any hobby or interest. If you enjoy crafting, or you’re a sci-fi movie buff there’s a group for you. Are you a Harry Potter fan? there’s a group for you. Did you like the movie Twilight? there’s a Twilight chat group.

Want to hear more? Keep reading!

  • When an author’s writing their latest novel, he/she may choose to add unedited chapters for your reading pleasure. You’ll read the novel as it unfolds.
  • Members are entered in monthly giveaways, with reader’s choice to the winner.
  • You’ll be the first to know about author blog tours, giveaways, and new releases.
  • There’s the option of emailing or chatting with the author.
  • You can email or chat with other group members who share your interests.
  • Every now and then, author attaches files with free reads, or showcases new cover art of upcoming release.
  • Yahoo let’s you add and remove groups to update your changing needs. Very similar to updating your blogroll list.
  • My groups are listed alphabetically, showing new posted messages, the “number” of posted messages, or if there’s no new activity.
  • Did your favorite author buy a new house? Get a new car, go to Hawaii on vacation, you’ll know.
  • It’s fun!

LRP readers do you belong to any Yahoo groups? Share your Yahoo grouproll with us.

Author: Guest Blogger

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7 thoughts on “Why I Joined Author Yahoo Groups”

  1. I have to point out that many authors have newsletters that don’t run through Yahoo Groups — it’s the same idea, but Groups is the free version. I used to use Groups, but the limitations in presentation eventually forced me to move the newsletter elsewhere. (I have a very graphics heavy newsletter, including eye-candy).

    And I got tired of the hackers and spammers trying to get at my subscription list, which I worked hard to build up for three years, before some jerk destroyed it overnight.

    Now I run my newsletter through my own system. Combined with my blog, where I can still get readers chatting back and forth, just like on Groups, I have the best of both worlds, and so do the readers.

    But I love Yahoo Groups for everything else that you include above.


  2. Yeah, I hate spammers. Groups are loaded with that and what’s more Yahoo doesn’t put them in the spam filter even after I marked them as spam. They keep coming up in comment moderation (something I had to implement after years without it because of spammers).

  3. Hi Keira,
    Some of the author groups I belong to “do” have blogs, which I read. These authors have both blogs and groups. They have both, I follow both. (LOL)

  4. Hi Tracy,

    I have to admit, you get the trophy for being “unique.”
    Your newsletters beat all, they’re like opening a mini-book. Love it!

    Tracy and Keira:
    All this talk about spamming & hacking makes me want to shut down my computer! I understand your points and of course’ its validity, which is why I have Norton 360. For other times of vulnerability, I just cross fingers and toes for the tiki gods to protect me. 🙂

  5. Thanks, Susan!

    The hackers are drawn to Yahoo Groups, because there’s large databases of targeted email addresses they can pirate (the words “erotic” and “romance” draw them like pixies to honey). I think that’s why mine was hacked. I had close to a thousand addresses. I lost them all — they didn’t just copy them, they *took* them. Luckily, I had an old, back-up copy on my hard drive, but it was out of date, and short by about 250 addresses.

    I tried a pay-for professional service for over a year, but it’s *too* professional — forcing readers to go through three screens worth of sign-up dialogue just scares ’em away. I don’t care what the Can-Spam act says, readers just want to get to the good stuff, pronto. The pay-for services like iContact work for professional marketers who work their email contact lists daily, and need the double-opt in as much for their own protection as the receiver does. And with as many subscribers as I’ve got, and given how much authors really make, paying over $50 US a month plus exchange rates was killing me.

    So I went the DIY route, instead. The contact list lives safely on my hard drive, and I have a remote back-up server on my own home network, so it’s double-safe. I have 100% control over everything, and any reader who signs up gets my personal attention from start to finish.

    It’s not Yahoo Groups by a long chalk. But it works for me. And it seemed to work for my readers, too. I got so many “It’s good to have you back!” messages when I got rid of iContact, that it was scary.


  6. Tracy,
    Sorry you had lost all those reader email addresses, here’s hoping you’ve found 10x the amount of readers since then. I’ve actually cut down my list of groups considerably. But, really do use the ones I have on a regular basis. Thanks for your honesty, it’s always nice to be informed.

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