Why I Love Writing About Vampires

vampire cursedGuest Blog by Rachel Carrington, author of Vampire Cursed

We all have our different takes on vampires. Some of us still adhere to the beliefs that vampires should burst into flames in the sun, be repelled by garlic, and frightened by a cross like Spike and Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Newer takes on vampires, Edward Cullen and the The Twilight Saga vamps, have them as being virtually indestructible. Even a stake to the heart won’t quite do it, but the sun makes them glitter like diamonds.

Oh, and let’s not forget Mick from the television show that only lasted one season, Moonlight. He couldn’t be killed by stakes, only paralyzed. And he could walk out in the sun, but he quickly became dehydrated.

Christine Feehan writes vampires as foul creatures who need to be destroyed while other authors portray them as sexy, tormented beings who are only looking for love.

There are myriads of readers who adamantly swear one type of vampire is the only way. Whether it’s the Buffyverse, the Twi-Hards, or whatever other groups exist, they want vampires to remain the way they’ve known them, possibly the way they’ve seen them first.

Now you know why I like writing about vampires. There is no one way to define them, and the challenge of creating the undead is something that never fails to excite me. Whether I’m giving him a new take on the old mythology or sticking with the tried and true, I prefer to inject a little something different into each one I write. Whether it’s a curse that made him that way or a vampire who undergoes an excruciatingly painful procedure to keep from killing humans, they all have something that set them apart from different vampires.

But a few things do remain the same. They are always sexy. Always handsome. And always out for blood.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Love Writing About Vampires”

  1. Vampires rock. Definitely my favorite paranormal “creature” to write and read about. We all have things we do and don’t like about how different authors portray them and it is the variety of characteristics that make them so fun. That said, I have come across heated discussions of what a “real” vampire should look and act like, and this always cracks me up for what I hope is an obvious reason. 😉
    I will have to check out your take on vampires!

  2. I totally agree, Crystal. We all have our different take on vampires even though they’re not real. LOL I, too, have read the heated discussions, but I like seeing people so passionate! Thanks for reading!

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