Win a Copy of Twilight (Two-Disc Special Edition) DVD!

New Moon will officially be underway soon and that means it’s time for a little celebration and a contest. Goody! As you know preternatural romance on the rise and not just for vampires and werewolves, though they seem to get most of the attention. For this contest it’s time to visit paranormal romance covers. Your mission is to create a slinky sexy cover featuring some supernatural hotness. Pick your poison by focusing on werewolves or vampires.

Vampire Covers Must Include:

  • fangs
  • a composition of dark colors
  • a red object
  • full or partial chest and stomach

Werewolf Covers Must Include:

  • a wolf
  • a composition of dark colors
  • the moon
  • bare chest and stomach

Both Types of Covers Must Meet the Following Requirements:

  • male model is someone you know personally
  • all elements used must be your own or available under the Creative Commons license
  • final image is 468 x 420
  • original title (on image) and accompanying summary of book (not on image)


Twilight (Two-Disc Special Edition)

I will hand select the winner from entries received on or before March 21. You have limited time – so get started! Winner will be announced March 22nd-24th depending on the number of submissions. Contest is open to all!

By submitting you agree that the work is your own and that Love Romance Passion has the right to share it on the blog.

Turn your submissions into Keira at

5 thoughts on “Win a Copy of Twilight (Two-Disc Special Edition) DVD!”

  1. so my new computer (with the necessary software) won’t be here in time 🙁
    so i’m rooting for sasha 🙂
    you’ll have to do another contest when new moon comes out 😛

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