Women’s Relationships: Rivalry and Friendship

Nine Fold Heaven - Cover ArtGuest blog by Mingmei Yip, author of The Nine Fold Heaven

A Chinese saying goes, “In life, if you have just one real friend, you can die with no regret.” For this reason, I treasure my few close female friendships. Friendships between women are special – we can share many things that would bore our male companions.

However, it is because our girlfriends know our most intimate sentiments that, if one day we have a falling out, they know exactly which button to push to hurt our feelings. Sometimes one will push the button anyway and a friendship is lost. This is sad because true friends are rare and we all need companions along our life’s journey of many thousands of miles.

The two protagonists of my new novel The Nine Fold Heaven the singer spy Camilla and the magician Shadow started out not as friends but as enemies, competing for the affection of the notorious gangster Master Lung so they could gain some of his power, wealth, and fame.

However, after Camilla and Shadow schemed to outwit each other, they realized they were both, “two forlorn people sharing the same lonely fate at the margin of the world.” Then they became friends, or at least allies, to comfort and look out for each other in an uncaring world. They had no one except each other, to look out for them, no choice but to live by their wits.

Women need to stick together but, unfortunately, we do not always act on this. A betrayal I have never forgotten occurred when one of my friends in Hong Kong threw away thirty of my paintings that I had left with her for safekeeping. She denied it but her maid took me aside and revealed that she had been told to set them out in the garbage. It turned out that she had been going through a very bad time. One day, she admitted what she had done and apologized. We are friends again but it is not the same. However, I still believe that friendship sometimes requires forgiveness.

About Nine Fold Heaven

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Mingmei Yip has been writing and publishing since she was fourteen years old and now she has twelve books to her credit. Her five novels are published by Kensington Books and her two children’s books are published by Tuttle Publishing.

Mingmei is also a renowned qin (ancient string instrument) musician, calligrapher and painter. In Hong Kong, she was a columnist for seven major newspapers. She has appeared on over sixty TV and radio programs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the US. Visit Mingmei at: www.mingmeiyip.com

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